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Anarchy Online

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About Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a Sci-Fi MMO developed by the Norwegian video game company Funcom. The game was released back in 2001 but has survived to this day making it one of the oldest surviving games in its’ genre, even if it does have a few bugs.

When you being your adventure you start on the planet Rubi-Ka and you must choose which faction, Omni-Tek Corporation or The Clans, to back or you can just decide to stay Neutral. You will be adventuring out into the Shadowlands to fight legendary monsters and defend the world against Alien Invasions, if you want.

You have tons of customization that you can do with your character. Give your character futuristic implants and crazy nanotechnology and after all of that then add the normal gear to your character. Instead of gear being equipped based on levels it is based on stats enabling you to create crazy amounts of combinations using nanotechnology, implants, gear and buffs to become extremely powerful.

If PvP is more your style join the fight for the planet by controlling the Tower Fields. Defend your faction’s territory, if you have a faction, and then wage war for your faction as well. You can even travel to the stars and fight aboard the Battle station, or attempt the PvP Dungeon.

Anarchy Online is a game that has withstood the test of time and has a company that continues to support it and try new things. Customize your character for any situation either PvE or PvP and take the fight to the stars.

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Anarchy Online

Release Date
June 27, 2001
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP / Vista




10 GB


2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or better


Videocard with 512 MB of VRAM

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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