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Blade and Soul

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About Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul is a free-to-play, action combat MMORPG from NCSoft that initially released in 2012 in Korea but finally saw a Western release in January 2016. Blade & Soul is a martial arts inspired MMORPG that tasks players with learning action combat based combination attacks for each class. Currently, there are 7 classes available in the game; Assassin, Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Kung-Fu Master, Summoner, and Blade Dancer. New players will want to research the classes prior to starting a new character since classes fall under various race restrictions when choosing from one of the game’s four currently available races.

Blade & Soul’s most notable feature is perhaps the game’s combat. Skills are learned as you level up and are displayed on hotbars in the traditional MMORPG style, but the actual implementation of those skills differs from most other games in the genre. While you will work with “rotations” in combat, it is perhaps better to think of these rotations in the form of “combinations” as each class will have a plethora of skills that can be combined in succession to perform very well animated combination attacks. These combinations may only be two or three buttons or they could be MUCH longer. Unlike other action combat MMOs though, Blade & Soul isn’t going to spoon feed you the combinations by hitting one key to trigger the next strike in the combination. Instead, Blade & Soul requires you to actually learn not only the combination itself, but each ability’s timing, and the required position to execute certain parts of the combination (Your hot bar actually can change based on position. i.e. being knocked down may give you access to abilities that cannot be used while standing). Learning these combination, aiming them appropriately, and reacting to incoming attacks are the key to the game’s fast paced and sometimes complex combat. If you liked TERA’s combat, you’ll probably enjoy Blade & Soul’s quite a bit.

Leveling brings the usual grind of story, side, and repeatable quests but the game’s environments change so often and are very well rendered that you won’t get bored by the scenery for quite some time. Transportaion is handled with sprint, glide, and even water walking abilities to speed up any backtracking you may have do. Instant teleports are available by spending in-game currency. Leveling requires completion of quests and along the way players will gain gear that can be upgraded along with your character. Feed equipment that you don’t need to your sword, for example, and you get a sword that levels up as your character does. This primary upgrading mechanic applies to many different gear pieces and keeps players going after loot simply to “feed” their primary equipment.

The addition of a “Soul Shield” allows for extra stat customization provided you can find the pieces of the shield you desire. Skills can be further customized at about level 18 (it’s actually a story completion point that triggers this mechanic) by spending points in your martial tome to increase ability effectiveness.

If you enjoy dungeons, Blade & Soul has quite a few options for you. Each dungeon (be it a full instance or just a cave on the world map) has numerous difficulty levels and varying party size requirements. This keeps the loot fest rolling as certain dungeons will drop the items needed to “Breakthrough” on your weapon and gear upgrading. The game’s matchmaking system makes finding a party for these runs very easy.

Blade & Soul’s PvP is based on two main categories; World PvP and Arena PvP. Arena PvP is a 1v1 or 3v3/6v6 (currently only in Korea) affair. Versus matches are simply queued for while World PvP is based on what your character is wearing. You read that right. World PvP is based on what you are wearing. It’s a creative way to “flag” for PvP. Simply donning the costume of one of the game’s 2 factions makes you able to be attacked by a member of the opposing faction out in the world. Other costumes could turn normally friendly NPCs into enemy NPCs that will attack you on sight.

Blade & Soul’s cash shop varies by geographic location but for the most part contains the normal consumables, costumes, and cosmetics. However, some materials are also available in the shop. The multiple shops actually utilize multiple currency types and a currency exchange system is in place to provide free players with a means to acquire cash shop items. A subscription service is also available and provides additional perks to players that opt for the payment.

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Blade and Soul

Release Date
January 19, 2016
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP


2 GB




Intel Core 2 DUo E6600 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+


GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4650

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Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews

Samurai Warrior 3 years ago
BNSragnar 3 years ago
I think that over-sexulized content is embbed to the core of Asian MMOs. I know a guy who was chasing after blade & soul item offers only to get the items for his female character to make her look only the more attractive… His girlfriend noticed that “part-time hobby” of his and broke up with him instantly! LoL! It’s good that most of the females are aware of the problem at the very least… At the end of the day, it’s up to us whether we get into games like Blade & Soul or not. One thing’s for sure that as long as the devs will be getting paid as long they will keep such games live.
你大爷 4 years ago
This is a good game!
arkadiusz.falgowski97 4 years ago
Will recommend each and every anime lover to play this game, game has a lot to offer.

Nice babe physics ^-^ Whole load of cinematics that you will love to skip and keep playing your amazing character.
You will want to check out the combat system, it's brutally AMAZZZING.

There is so much to tell, but you will need to check it out yourself. I can only tell you that the graphics are wonderful, they don't require a good graphics even though. I have a really bad Graphics Card and I had great FPS(MMS) just needed to adjust my video settings.

Enjoy the game and pawn people in 1vs1!!! <3
kidopitz27 4 years ago
One of the "Best Martial Arts Game" out there! A lot of games out there got that generic stand there and hit the monster until it dies and the dodge and block are just in the stats.

Blade and Soul is different because you have to move around and use tactics to kill monsters special those big-a$$ boss monsters.

For a game that was hyped since 2006? I was still on my 1st year of my collage years when i saw it and the graphics are still the same and awesome and now that it was released it looks even more awesome.

The Gameplay is more like Black Desert/DN dodge, block, attack and kill opponents the same fetch quest and kill quest but a more exciting one because some of the quest have cut-scenes and i like it not unlike other games where it's just full of text.

If you're in a guild even more awesome a lot of players create guilds so that they can party up to kill bosses and do daily quest.
KizXii 4 years ago
From my experience, this isn't a generic MMORPG which uses the "lock and attack system" it's more to the technical side of things. It depends on what classes you use in the game.

For example, Assassins have a skill that is activated by the enemies attacking you when you press the skill button related to the skill.T his skill will make you teleport behind your enemy and makes you go into the stealth mode and the enemies can't see you.You have a chance to use skills that are only available in the stealth mode to surprise you enemy.

Graphics are great and the community is very friendly. You won't get bored of it even when playing for 7 hours straight (Not like some MMORPGs that I've played before. Looking at you TERA).
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