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About Dofus

Dofus is a 2D MMORPG that has tons of different classes, a tactical combat system, and a profession system for those that just want to relax and make some gear. Dofus is set in “The World of Twelve”, named for the 12 gods that inhabit it. You will control 1 of 16 classes that each have unique sets of skills.

The 16 different classes represented in Dofus are: Ecaflip’s Coin, Enripsa’s Hands, Iop’s Heart, Cra’s Range, Feca’s Shield, Sacrier’s Blood, Sadida’s Shoe, Osamodas’ Whip, Enutrof’s Fingers, Sram’s Shadow, Xelor’s Sandglass, Pandawa’s Pint, The Rogue Ruse, Masqueraider Mystique, Foggernaut’s Steam, Eliotrope’s Portal, and Huppermage’s Rune. All of these classes have unique abilities that you can only learn if you pick that specific class.

The combat in Dofus is very tactical, while you can rush in it is more practical for you to think about it as a chess match and determine your moves on a turn by turn basis. You will gain experience and level up your characters by defeating monsters and completing quests. If the casual gameplay of the normal servers doesn’t do it for you, go to the Heroic Servers that the game offers where death is permanent but experience is multiplied.

If you would prefer to not join in on the combat, choose one of the non-combat related professions and go around collecting goods and crafting items for other players to use.

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Additional Information

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Ankama Games
Ankama Games
Release Date
September 01, 2004
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows Vista/7




4 GB Free Space


Celeron D 352 or Sempron 64 LE-1100


GeForce 7050 or Radeon HD 2350 Pro

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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