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About Inferna

Inferna is a cross-platform MMO from indie developer and publisher Inferna Limited, designed for players seeking a classic experience. Explore the world of Pangaeu as one of four character classes including Magician, Warrior, Semi-Demon, and Assassin.

Choose to ally yourself with one of two kingdoms: Caratas or Serro. Explore the world of Pangeau via quests that provide information on the world’s history and culture. The game puts an emphasis on player chouse with decisions affecting the course of the narrative.

Quests range from helping solve quarrels between families to exploring dungeons and new realms — in addition to protecting the kingdom you’ve chosen to ally yourself with. So, there’s always something to do.

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Additional Information

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Release Date
December 21, 2019
Windows (Client)

Inferna Screenshots

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows 7




10 GB available space


Dualcore 2.6 Ghz


GTX 760

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews

RSOliveira 3 years ago
Looks like they are off to a decent start. But it is a very EARLY beta at best.

Simple and easy to pick up
Decent graphics
Combat is O K

Invisible walls every where. Any thing that has a ledge on it has a wall you can not walk through. You must walk all the way round a tiny little ledge on the terrain.
Frame rate drops/stutters when doing absolutely nothing but walking/turning the camera.
Character moves in random directions while in combat. This will be a problem later in the game if the combat becomes more complicated. Make the character model stand in the same spot unless the player decides to move. VERY frustrating at times.
Loot system needs a 100% overhaul. I'm talking about the way you pick loot up off the ground. It can be very difficult to pick up a simple item. Either loot the body as whole or make icons for the items on the ground to make it easier to pick them up. This will get old very fast when it comes to grinding.
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