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League of Angels - Heaven's Fury

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About League of Angels - Heaven's Fury

League of Angels - Heaven’s Fury is a free-to-play, browser-based fantasy online action RPG based loosely on Western mythology. Players in the roles of mages, archers, or dragoons gather “Angels” based on both angels of the Christian faith and gods of pagan pantheons together and return the heavens to their former glory. This is the latest game in a long franchise and features many of the things players have come to expect based on previous titles.

The game’s story begins at the beginning of the universe, when everything is born from Chaos. The Chaos gave birth to the mother of the Earth as well as the gods of Hell, darkness, night, and love. However, what once was came to an end when the king of the gods, Zeus, sought to prevent the prophesied fall of the gods by opening Pandora’s Box. Upon doing so, he unwittingly corrupted himself and became a slave to demons, causing the world to fall into disarray. Humans and gods all suffered.

The only solution now is for someone pure to bring the holy angels together and save the world.

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Additional Information

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League of Angels - Heaven's Fury

Yoozoo Games
Release Date
January 09, 2020
Web Browser

Minimum System Requirements (Browser)

League of Angels - Heaven's Fury is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

If you have old hardware or software, you may still be able to play League of Angels - Heaven's Fury, but your game experience may suffer. For the best gameplay experience, we recommend the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

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User Reviews

Nathan64 8 months ago
This game isn't downloading.
aasif ahsan 1 year ago
the best game ever
barbiethanu 1 year ago
hi its the best game
lunar20200918 1 year ago
but its very awsome but i havent got it but i know its very great to play
lunar20200918 1 year ago
aw why we have to sign in you know its very pernonal
yunal 1 year ago
wow this game is osame
Deadpoolboy87 1 year ago
sorry boyi 😥😥😪😪
boyi 1 year ago
I can't download it
engaji 1 year ago
Very cool game,
Kries 1 year ago
A very nice game! It's just amazing! I love EVENTS the most! I just love everything in this game!
aditi mishra 1 year ago
it's a good game
phoenixStranger 1 year ago
I really like this game but the problem is the page often says (not responding) and most of all what i don t like is lagging but I try to play this game nicely but it keep on lagging so i still like the game tho but pls improve it to not make it say (page unresponsive)
™JMGaming™ 1 year ago
I really like it!
noob-7 1 year ago
this game is nicee
mjnike 1 year ago
The game is very addictive and expensive
Dora 1 year ago
it is not working please fix it
Gill Jutt 1 year ago
I want to play this game
KillerClown 1 year ago
In terms of P2W games this one is extremely expensive, relatively. Speaking as someone who put somewhere around $3k into my account I can say this with ease. Not putting money into the game will cause you to lag behind heavily.
Tintin 1 year ago
Crazy addictive game.
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