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Rohan: Blood Feud

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About Rohan: Blood Feud

Rohan: Blood Feud is a free to play medieval fantasy-themed 3D MMORPG developed by PlayWith Interactive. Rohan: Blood Feud allows the player to choose between the five races, and is then sent to do the normal MMORPG elements: Explore, fight, and perform quests. One of the major features in Rohan: Blood Feud is the “Vengeance” system. By utilizing this system, you can acquire “vengeance” upon characters that have killed you in the past. You can also kill other players and get rewards for doing so.

By joining a Guild in Rohan: Blood Feud, you can fight with your guild members for control over in-game areas. By gaining control of these areas, you can battle other guilds to maintain control and also create rules like taxes over that area.

Rohan: Blood Feud has other features like Crafting, which you can use materials from minerals, plants and other various natural items in Rohan in order to create new items. You can also forge two existing items for the chance to obtain rare items within the game. You can also obtain pets and mounts in Rohan: Blood Feud. If you do not take care of your pets in Rohan: Blood Feud, they can die, which is a unique feature normally not found in most MMORPG’s.

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Rohan: Blood Feud

Playwith Interactive
Playwith Interactive
Release Date
May 28, 2008
Windows (Client)

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP SP 3 Windows 7




12 GB


Quad Core 2.5Ghz


GeForce GTS 250 Radeon HD 4850

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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