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Legends of Runeterra

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About Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play CCG based on Riot Games’ MOBA League of Legends. Choose from a selection of LoL champions to build your deck around. Cards can b earned in-game or purchased directly from the store.

A unique feature of Legends of Runeterra is that it pulls from Leauge of Legends’ lore to create mechanics. Runeterra pulls geographic regions from LoL, each with its own mechanics. These regions can be combined to create unique play situations.

The game is available to play on PC and mobile devices.

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Additional Information

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Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games
Riot Games
Release Date
January 24, 2020
Card Game
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


64-bit Windows 7, 8.1 or 10






3 GHz processor


GPU with 512MB+ VRAM

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews

rei 3 years ago
LoR is a rare TCG that actually learned from mistakes of other TCGs (read: Hearthstone and its numerous reskins). The game flow is great, there is little to no randomness. Card drops are easy to earn, too, so it's not super pay-to-win. A solid TCG, really.
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