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About S4 league

S4 league is a free to play MMO third person Shooter created by Aeria Games and released on April 4th, 2011. If you ever played the popular GunZ: The Duel Game, S4 League based their gameplay off that title. Just like in GunZ, you can do amazing acrobatic moves like Jumping off walls and dashing large distances. The feel of S4 League and the fluid gameplay is what makes this game genre so addicting.

In S4 league, you partake in fast-paced Adrenaline filled gameplay, battling in a PVP setting against other players. You will defeat your foes using your choice of gun and sword combination, and also bringing a skill and passive stats with you, depending on what style of gameplay you want to utilize.

S4 League offers over 40 weapons and has a unique renting system. You can rent an item for a select amount of time, which does not count the time in which you spend logged off the game. Your character can also equip three different items at any given time: A primary, and secondary gun-type weapon along with a sword. There are many different game modes to choose from including Touchdown, Chaser, and classics like Deathmatch and Battle Royal.

S4 League has an anime style feel to it due to its animation and overall style. There is also an epic techno music soundtrack that adds to the fast style of gameplay. S4 League may be fun to play at its basic form, but it shines from how much tactical planning and skill that goes into this game genre.

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Additional Information

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S4 league

GameOn Studio (Previously known as Pentavision)
Aeria Games
Release Date
September 22, 2008
Windows (Client)

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


XP / Vista / 7 / 8


512 MB for XP or 1 GB for Vista / 7 / 8


3 GB


Intel Celeron 1 GHz


GeForce 4 MX series

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews

shari 2 years ago
s4 gooooooooooooo
outforwar20 2 years ago
outforwar20 2 years ago
why offline ?
eaea3366 2 years ago
hadehossam 2 years ago
how too downlod
Anonymoose 4 years ago
It's not created by Aeria Games it's from Neowiz who then gave it to Alaplay to be published and then sent it onward to Aeria games... you need to check your damn resources or get out of the forums entirely.
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