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Seal Online

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About Seal Online

Seal Online is a MMORPG by Playwith Interactive and was released in July 16th, 2003. When looking for a new MMO to play, many gamers have criteria that every game needs to hit before they even consider the title. If part of your criteria is an MMO that has been out for a long period of time with solid history under its belt, then Seal Online will come onto your radar. Since it has been out since 2003, it’s one of the forerunners in the MMORPG community.

If you are looking for a MMO with simple controls, then Seal Online is also a title to consider. Almost every action you can do in Seal Online, including movement and most of the combat, is done with point-and-click functionality. The only thing that isn’t is the combo system which adds an extra layer to the combat mechanic using the ASD keys.

There are over 7 classes you can choose at the start of your adventure within Seal Online. Another cool aspect is if you choose to start with the “beginner” class, an option to switch between the other classes will be available at level 10. Seal Online offers the basic MMORPG elements as well, including guilds, in-game bank accounts to store items and currency, questing systems and the ability to create parties to play with other players.

One interesting feature in Seal Online is the use of the Combo system. During battle, the user can input combos which appear on the screen once your XP bar reaches a certain level. This allows for complicated yet interactive combat that will keep you focused and interested in combat during your long grinding sessions. Seal Online also prides itself in its whimsical-style graphics that give the game a unique and fun feel.

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Seal Online

YNK Interactive
YNK Interactive
Release Date
November 19, 2007
Windows (Client)

Seal Online Screenshots

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows 2000 / XP / Vista


256 MB


2.0 GB Free


Pentium 600MHz


GeForce 64MB 3D

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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