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About Teeworlds

Teeworlds is a free to play retro multiplayer online shooter with side-scrolling combat like that of Smash Bros., and the ability to edit the maps for custom mods. It’s easy to see why Teeworlds is a popular MMO shooter. As an open source game, Teeworlds lets players shape and run the maps however they want.

The gameplay of Teeworlds is simple: collect buffs and weapons to go smash, destroy, and obliterate any enemies in the path to victory. From melee weapons to high-powered guns, there’s no shortage of fun weapons to use in Teeworlds.

Combat in Teeworlds makes use of a fluid system that negates the need to mash buttons like other games. Additionally, the maps can be navigated quickly with strategic use of the double-jump ability and the grappling hook.

But it’s the map editing where Teeworlds really shines. Players can customize their own maps and make them as difficult or simple as they want. Players can torment one another with troll maps that feel more like a puzzle than a combat map.

With so much free will and editing available, Teeworlds makes for an interesting addition to sidescrolling shooters.

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Teeworlds Team
Teeworlds Team
Release Date
May 27, 2007
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Microsoft® Windows® XP or newer


512 MB RAM


10 MB available space


1.4GHz or faster



Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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