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Temtem Showdown

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About Temtem Showdown

Temtem: Showdown is a free-to-play multiplayer battle simulator from the developer of the Temtem MMO, Crema. In fact, it’s built on the competitive matches found in the original game. Players build a team and compete in ranked matches with players around the world while avoiding having to do all the content associated with an MMO to do it.

This means that players can get in and compete quickly, needing only a few minutes to create a team, with no need to tame or level. Players can practice against friends, try out new strategies, and compete against each other in the 2v2 battle system all TemTem players are familiar with.

The game features an official competitive ladder and allows for both community-ran and official tournaments. The official TemCS esports circuit will even offer players prizes.

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Temtem Showdown

Humble Games
Release Date
June 26, 2023
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows 10 64bits




5 GB available space


Celeron G530 2.4Ghz or similar


Nvidia GT 650M or similar

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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