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About Unturned

Unturned is an independently developed free-to-play massively multiplayer survival game that borrows inspiration from similar, bigger-budget, titles but has its own unique charm and is one of the best gaming values to be found anywhere on the Internet. You’ll fight for your life against zombies and other players, trying to survive against impossible odds in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

When you start a new character in Unturned, you’ll be dropped off in a random location on the map, with little in the way of supplies to keep you alive. You’ll have to hunt and scavenge for clothes, weapons, food, and drink. Supplies can be further refined into new materials using the game’s extensive crafting system and can even build permanent bases to fortify themselves against both zombie and human enemies. There are also vehicles to be found, which can be used to get around or to act as an additional weapon to flatten your foes. As they harvest items and kill NPCs, characters gain skill points they can use to increase their offensive, defensive, and miscellaneous/support capabilities.

Unturned has four difficulty levels, set by the server owner. Easy mode is for players new to survival games and has greater loot drops. Normal mode is the standard. Hardcore mode makes several game elements more difficult and removes most UI elements for a more “natural” experience. Finally, there’s Gold mode, available only to Gold subscribers, with vastly increased loot spawns and XP gains. Also If you’re after a battle royale game then seek out Unturned: Arena Mode

Unturned was developed by 16-year-old Nelson Sexton, who cut his designing teeth by creating popular levels for Roblox. Despite its humble origins and simple artistic design, Unturned has been downloaded on Steam by nearly 20 million players as of the start of 2016 and Sexton continues to update the game on a regular basis, with his only compensation being inexpensive Gold packs that allow for premium servers and greater character customization.

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Smartly Dressed Games
Smartly Dressed Games
Release Date
July 08, 2014
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows 7 32-bit




1 GB available space


2 GHz



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User Reviews

therealpatrickr2020 3 years ago
Unturned is the best.
RSOliveira 3 years ago
Really fun game to play with one or more other people in a clan (this disables friendly fire which basically puts you in the same team). Really nice feature to have custom player made servers which allow for PvP, kits, etc.

Base building and different array of weapons such as assault Rifles, snipers, etc work really well (guns have bullet drop).
Kaufire 4 years ago
Its like Dayz but free and blocky! I'm not saying thats a bad thing, i actually like it.

Graphics are good for a blocky game. Animations are smooth, so nothing to complain about here. The gameplay is diverse. You can choose if you want to make yourself a house, or raid a bunker or something and make it your home, or just be an assassin killing zombies all the time. Crafting is various too.

Months ago i played it and loved it, playing with friends wasnt hard at all and its a lot better than playing alone.
And now there are lots of updates and its even more fun playing with friends ! Is what i'd like to say but now i have a problem and can't play with such. They changed something and creating a server ain't as simple as before, so i can't play with my amigos. That really saddens me, and I hope they fix it so I can finally do it. Recommended!
Death5Panda 4 years ago
This game always had my interests right from its early Beta days. I have spent many hours on this game. Currently I have 151 hours of play time on Unturned according to steam. I am also a gold member so I have the full experience of the game. There are many things I really like about Unturned. From the art style to the community made mods. The Unturned modding community is AMAZING, and what's even better is the developer's attitude towards making modding easier and simpler. There are regular updates that keep players coming back and the developer is also open to suggestions. Its an all in all great game to play. With a little more time I can see the game has a lot of potential in being one of the best MMO zombie creative games out there.
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