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Chronicles of Eidola

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About Chronicles of Eidola

Chronicles of Eidola is a free-to-play turn-based RPG from AMZGame. The game places players in the role of an avenger who works with a wide variety of characters to get things done. The game offers several options in how to play, including PvE, PvP and PvF (or Player vs Function). It boasts 3D graphics enabled by the new Flash stage 3D engine and promises a unique gaming experience.

PvE-wise, Chronicles of Eidola offers Guild Battles as well as the “Gauntlet” which allows players to challenge a never-ending stream of enemies to see how far they can go. On the PvP end of things, players can participate in Arena battles with the winners receiving rewards. Finally, PvF offers players who are looking for something a bit more relaxing a variety of mini-game-type activities to partake in.

Chronicle of Eidola can be played in-browser via the game’s official site.

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Chronicles of Eidola

AMZ Games
AMZ Games
Release Date
April 10, 2017
Web Browser

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Minimum System Requirements (Browser)

Chronicles of Eidola is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

If you have old hardware or software, you may still be able to play Chronicles of Eidola, but your game experience may suffer. For the best gameplay experience, we recommend the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

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