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Dungeons and Dragons Online

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About Dungeons and Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, taking you deep into the world you know and love from the popular D&D tabletop game. You will take control in combat to make your every move count. You will leap past deadly blade traps, and dodge poison arrows. Whether you become a fighter, a sorcerer, or a rogue, every move is your move as you block, tumble, cleave, and more on your way to glory and power.

While Dungeons and Dragons Online is free to play as much as you want, free game play is capped at level 20. By that point, you will experience the action, danger, and intrigue of Dungeons and Dragons Online for free! You will come face­-to­-face with a dragon, defend your sanity from a Mindflayer, and get roasted by a Beholder as you delve into the deepest and most treacherous dungeons you’ve ever imagined. You will test your skill against a monstrous number of iconic Dungeons and Dragons foes in your pursuit of power and glory. And if that isn’t enough, you can set out on an adventure of your own, create a group with friends or join a guild to meet new people.

In Dungeons and Dragons Online, you will be able to craft the characters you’ve always wanted to play with deep character advancement that offers nearly infinite possibilities. With 8 races, 13 classes and nearly limitless traits and character abilities, it’s possible that no two characters may ever be the same! With those characters, you’ll be able to explore the magic ­powered city of Stormreach, the gathering place for countless Dungeons and Dragons Online players from around the world any time of day or night. See the iconic locations of Dungeons and Dragons brought to life like never before! The world of Dungeons and Dragons Online is yours for the taking.

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Additional Information

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Dungeons and Dragons Online

Turbine, Inc.
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release Date
February 28, 2006
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows® System XP SP2


1 GB


11 GB


P4 1.6 GHz or AMD equivalent with SSE


64 MB Hardware T&L -compatible video card

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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