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About LuckCatchers

LuckCatchers is a free-to-play sandbox sim based on the novels of fantasy and steam-punk author A. Pehov. Technically, the game would be a prequel to those novels, being set 300 years prior to them. It’s a world without rules, open to any choices players make from the start.

In LuckCatchers, players will concentrate on social and economic features — including trade, and of course, war. There are over 30 NPC-ruled cities where players can do a variety of things, as well as a player-based world trade system and a real labor market. Regular game events include lotteries, dragon migrations, and plane races.

LuckCatchers is not a casual game, and does feature PvP. However, new players are protected from it for the first month of playtime. Players can gather resources, craft, build a government, and more. This includes building ships and planes based on your own designs, producing weapons and ammunition, and constructing settlements.

The game is available to play on Steam.

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Additional Information

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DiP Online
DiP Online
Release Date
June 15, 2016
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Win 7 and up


4 GB


3 GB


Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or AMD AthalonTM 64 X2 5600+ 2.8GHz


GeForce x60 or best; ATI HD4870 or best; 1Gb videoRAM

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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