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Might And Magic Heroes Online


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About Might And Magic Heroes Online

Might & Magic Hereos Online is a free-to-play multiplayer online PC game created by Blue Byte. The game starts off in the vast environment of Ashan, and allows the player to take control of a town, battle opposing units with a recruited army. The game starts when players can choose from one of two factions. Either the evil Necropolis or the good Haven faction both factions offer different types of heroes, abilities, and different unit types. After choosing the faction the player will then need to choose the class for their hereo, ranging from one Might Hereo which typically is a Knight class, or one Magic Hereo this being a Cleric class. The process continues as each Heroe has their own combat styles, and abilities so the hereo needs to be choosen wisely. Characters have very little customization, and only having the choice of male or female, three different robe colors, and three different portraits. After character creation players will be launched into the ability tree. As the player progress throughout the game by leveling up, leveling up awards the player awarded with points to spend on the six ability trees. The trees are split into different tiers, and need different requirements in order to achieve them. For example in order to get into the second tier the player needs a minimum of three points. Once the player has spent their points on the ability tree the player will then be able to launch the game. The graphics in the game are 2d, and the player controls the game with a mouse. There are some hot keys for the game, but not too many. The game begins with a giant griffin guardian protecting the main gate. The players only option is to attack the griffin, and so the action begins. Once battle begins it starts off like a Final Fantasy battlefield with different hexes for different landscape options. Players have to use strategy to strategically make sure that their troops are in the right position for the best advantage point against the opposing forces. Players also have the awesome ability of using heroes with special powers to combat the enemy units too. The battle will continue until all enemy units have been killed, and once killed the player will be awarded with XP, also ingame currency on occasion. The battle scene will disappear and the player will be presented with the top-down isometric main game again.

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Might And Magic Heroes Online

Ubisoft Blue Byte, Related Designs
Release Date
September 03, 2009
Web Browser

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Minimum System Requirements (Browser)

Might And Magic Heroes Online is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

If you have old hardware or software, you may still be able to play Might And Magic Heroes Online, but your game experience may suffer. For the best gameplay experience, we recommend the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

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