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About MultiVersus

The Warner Bros lineup meets Smash in Player First Games’ MultiVersus, a platform fighter featuring a wide range of characters from Warner’s movies, cartoons, and more. Fight Batman as Shaggy. Team up with Steven Universe and Finn. Make use of their unique abilities and take your opponents down.

The game features a large roster from popular media and shows as well as maps based on locations found there. That means players can visit the Batcave or Jake and Finn’s Treefort among other places. And they'll do it while taking par tin epic 1v1, 2v2, or 4 players free for all battles.

There’s also a handy training mode where players can hone their skills. The game is available on all platforms and includes cross-platform play and progression.

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Player First Games
Warner Bros. Games
Release Date
July 19, 2022
Windows (Client)

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