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About Elvenar

Elvenar is a free to play browser-based 2D Strategy MMO with traditional city building gameplay and RPG elements from InnoGames. This strategy game puts players in the realm of Elvenar in order to choose a civilization that they will then build into a thriving and mighty empire. Which civilization will you help raise to glory in Elvenar: the Humans or the Elves?

Elvenar features gameplay based on other traditional city building games, with focus honing in on adding buildings, exploring the in-game map, and tending to the needs of the population. Both the Humans and the Elves have their own unique city styles befitting their respective cultures.

Speaking of culture, Elvenar also boasts a Culture system that rewards players who take the time improve the happiness of the townspeople with innovative decorations around their city.

But there is more to Elvenar than simple city building and culture: combat is an integral part of the game as well. Players must raise an army to protect their fledgling town from attacks, and the turn-based combat system puts players in direct control of their forces instead of letting them auto-battle. You will decide whether or not your civilization succeeds or fails.

InnoGames offers constant updates and new content for Elvenar, meaning that the gameplay and aesthetics are always changing. The crisp artsyle also ensures that the game can be successfully run on almost any computer system.

Which side you choose in Elvenar will decide how your growing city will look and how it develops, so choose wisely.

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Additional Information

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Release Date
April 08, 2015
Web Browser

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Minimum System Requirements (Browser)

Elvenar is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

If you have old hardware or software, you may still be able to play Elvenar, but your game experience may suffer. For the best gameplay experience, we recommend the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

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User Reviews

Casheater 5 months ago
For being a 2D strategy is a great game. As god-like being you have to be able to create your civilization and actually give meaning to it. This is what makes it good. Yes, it can be a little boring sometimes because of the time it takes to create buildings or develop your city, but once you catch the rhythm, it all gets easier.

I played this a few years ago, when It came out bach in 2015, but now the updates have made a better and complex game. And sometimes it can get so hard that you may need a guide:
Najrani30 6 months ago
Elvenar (Free MMORTS): Gameplay and Features Overview
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