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6 Games Like Empire: World War 3

Empire: World War 3

Looking for free Games like Empire: World War 3 to play in 2024?

We've got you covered below you can find an updated list with the best free to play Strategy games similar to Empire: World War 3 based on identical features including gameplay, mechanics and other related characteristics.

Several features found on Empire: World War 3 have also been found on these 6 Strategy games:

Imperia Online - A 2D free-to-play browser-based Medieval MMORTS, Train soldiers and raise an Empire.
Vikings: War Of Clans - A free-to-play MMO strategy game developed and published by Plarium.
Armor Valor - Build your empire with the help of mythical heroes and well thought out strategy in R2 Games’ strategy RPG Armor Valor.
RuneScape - A popular 3D browser MMORPG boasting a huge player base and 15 years of content.


Steel Legions - A free to play 3d browser based tank game with fast-paced tactical battles!