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Runes of Magic


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About Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a free-to-play fantasy 3D MMORPG brought to you by Runewalker Entertainment. Set in the fantasy world of Taborea, Runes of Magic allows players to choose between three races and ten different classes with an additional multiple class system. Both the races and classes are relatively standard for an MMORPG and determine the players starting area although there is the ability to customize class skills.

Character creation allows for some appearance customization such as choice of hairstyle and the standard modification sliding bars. Most of the customization comes from choosing a class based on its unique skill set and once the player has reached level 10 the ability to choose a secondary class is available. Combining the skill sets creates 60 different possibilities and can adapt the game to fit each player’s own play style. Choosing this secondary class gives a stat boost to the main class, an additional set of sub abilities to add to the main set, and different combinations can unlock elite skills at specific levels. Each class must be leveled separately and the secondary class is always capped at the level of the main class.

Runes of Magic features over 4,000 quests for adventurers to complete, a series of epic quests, over 20 instances and raids, and a unique crafting system. The crafting system features 9 professions to choose from based on what you feel your character can use to benefit them the most. There is also an extensive pet and mount system, a housing system, and several different PvP modes.

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Runes of Magic

Runewalker Entertainment
Release Date
March 19, 2009
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


2 GB




Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz of better


GeForce 6800 / ATI X800 or better

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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