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About Skyforge

Skyforge is a impressive Free to play MMORPG created by Obsidian Entertainment and group’s Allods Team. Skyforge puts you in the shoes of an Immortal wielding amazing powers, with the mission of protecting your world against hordes of creatures hell-bent on seeing the destruction of your planet. Will you be able to defeat the armies of other Gods, and finally reach of title of a God for yourself?

Skyforge’s class system is completely versatile, allowing you to switch between classes seamlessly, as long as you are not currently in combat. You don’t start out with all 13 classes, but you are able to unlock the other 10 classes simply by progressing through the game. Some of the classes available are Cryomancer and Lightbinder.

You can complete quests through the Divine Observatory, visit the Research Center in order to alter your character and train/test new classes and you can visit the Park which allows you to Host and partake is events. All of this is available from the hub world, which is also the capital of Aelion. Every part of Aelion is explore-able, resulting in loads of content.

Skyforge rocks stunning visuals and top tier graphics, provides a huge selection of weapons, including guns and swords, and has a fantastically built progression system called the “Ascension Atlas”. This replaces the normal leveling platform and switches it for a Prestige system found in a lot of FPS titles like COD. This allows for the fluid class changes.

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Allods Team & Obsidian Entertainment Collaboration
Release Date
July 16, 2015
Windows (Client)

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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10


2 GB


20 GB


Dual Core E2160 1.8 GHz


GeForce 8600 GTS, Intel HD 3000, Radeon HD 4650 or better

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User Reviews

zsharpes 4 years ago
Leaves a lot to be desired.

Skyforge locks progression of your character in many ways, making players utilize the Facebook game styled Order system in order to progress at a much faster pace. This is where the games credit buying monetization comes in. What to accelerate your progress past caps? Pull out your credit card.

Despite the monetization issues and how the games developers shoe you into different systems you may not enjoy, the games combat often times is also wonky. I can’t even count on one hand how many times my Archers animations broke and left me defenseless. That said, maybe you’ll have some fun with it, but I personally don’t see myself installing it ever again.
ravenboudreaux 4 years ago
*Note I've played this game since alpha so I've seen it change over a decent time period*

Skyforge is one of the most unique free to play mmorpgs that is available on the western front. It is a Greek steam punked action based mmorpg. It brings a completely different take on the whole mmorpg feel. The player creates One character that can be all 13 classes (You have the chance to switch as many times as you want in mid instances or in the open world). It is both open world and instance based. It also offers a unique spin on levels. (Prestige is used, mixture of resources and the gear you equip). They also have a neat feature of enchanting your gear. Instead of enchanting specific items you enchant a gear slot so no matter what the gear you have will be enchanted.

The game is resource based which you get many different resources for hunting/doing quests. Resources are used on an interesting mechanic called Atlas. The atlas shows you the current class you play as and all the other classes that you can unlock. It sets a path way based on what options you choose for stats/abilities/talents. The atlas has hundreds of different combinations that the player can go through to fully customize the stats and play style of the character. It doesn't take long to unlock classes too!

Is it pay to win? No. Everything in game can be obtained with in game money since they have a neat little feature that converts in game currency to the cash shop currency (That includes being able to get the premium status membership). The devs behind this game really wanted to show that there can be an mmo that is free to play that doesn't force you to spend money on at any point.

The combat it self is action- combo based similar to Blade and soul but not exactly focused on comboing. It's fast paced and can range from simple to extremely tactical (depending on what you are fighting). The instances scale the players all to around the same Prestige so you can play with friends without feeling to over powered or to under powered. Now the pvp has a few different modes that range from 3v3 - 5v5. The pvp itself isn't extremely unbalanced but it could use a little work (On a scale of 1-10 on how unbalanced it is, it's a solid 4.5).

The community is extremely helpful and not full of trolls/salty players. The global chat isn't full of bots trying to sell gold (Like a lot of mmorpgs). Game masters actually play the game along with the players and interact.

Now the game gets pretty grindy so I would recommend playing this with a friend or a few friends. Playing alone you will get bored and miss out on mid game. This game has enough content to warrant a price tag (but obviously doesn't have one) unlike some pay 2 play mmos. There are alot of events that happen and the game gets updated/hotfixes regularly.

In the end on a scale of 1-10 for an overall score of this mmorpg I would give it a solid 7.8 (if you are playing alone), 8.4 (If you are playing with friends).
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