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About Warframe

Warframe is a 3D free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter game set in an stunning sci-fi world. In the distant future, war against the Grineer Empire leads humanity to summon ancient warriors from the distant past. Called “Tenno,” these agile fighters are equally skilled in blades and guns, able to carve their way through scores of enemies with skill and aplomb. A vast arsenal of these human weapons are called upon in mankind’s darkest hour to rescue their brethren from total annihilation.

As one of these Tenno, staked with protecting humanity, you’ll root out the Grineer from all their hiding places, scouring the Solar System and eliminating this nefarious threat. You’ll choose from among dozens of deadly Warframes, each with its own set of skills and strengths. The game progresses through a series of levels, each themed around a planet or region of the Solar System, and each requiring a squad of four Tenno to clear. As you advance, you’ll unlock more power for your Tenno, including new weapons and skills, letting you take on even tougher enemies.

Tenno have a number of sweet moves at their disposal, including the ability to “parkour” over and around obstacles, ziplines they can balance on, wall-latching and wall-dashing, and more. Tenno are also spiritual warriors, able to channel energy to spectacular results, including augmenting their weapon damage or activating special powers. Even when downed in battle, Tenno can continue to fight and rally to continue their missions.

Between missions, you can purchase better weapons for your Tenno or even entirely new Warframes, so you can try out a different play style. Some items cost credits (in-game currency) while others require platinum, which is purchased with real money. You can also craft your own weapons and insert mods to make them more powerful. Your ship, the Liset, is also where you’ll select your next mission, which you can choose to be public, letting anyone join you, or private, which you can attempt with a pre-selected team.

Warframe requires fast reflexes and split-second timing to execute a Tenno’s most dynamic moves. Because the game demands constant progression, and the resources required to purchase those progressions, a high skill factor is required, not only to play, but to play quickly enough to advance at a reasonable rate – and to keep up with your teammates. As such, there’s a lot of repetition required. If you want to quickly rip through content over and over, growing in power with each iteration, Warframe will suit you.

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Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes
Release Date
March 25, 2013
Windows (Client)

Warframe Screenshots

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP SP 3 or higher




10 GB HD space


Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 or AMD Athlon x64 4000+


Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3600

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews

therealpatrickr2020 3 years ago
A fun game built on PVE. Melee is fun and it's just a bloody blast.
jerzey2k2 4 years ago
If you want a Game that rewards you back look no further.

To start off, yes i am a founder and yes i have played over 2 months worth of hours in game, but even i still don't know everything, so there is a wiki for it all.... and well they even have youtube channels if you get really into the game that much. So yea, then there are the developers, who are wonderful and literally Will respond if you are having problems in-game, or have a suggestion, but due to there fan/player base don't expect for them to answer every little detailed question.

As far as content, there are consistent game updates that have either a newer warframe or weapon/s that are added to the clan dojo/market if that's a thing for you. Lore is now a thing as well. and with that comes gameplay. I personally am a keyboard & mouse kinda guy and i have the Steam controller as well (takes a bit of getting used too) but it is supported as well.

The biggest issue atm is when you start you're limited and to some it feels like there is no true sense of direction, BUT that's the beauty of it all, you can start anywhere your Mastery Rank allows (i will talk about in a second). being in an active clan helps Sooooooo much due to the dojo access and weapons (arguable some of the best non-primed/non-syndicate weapons are located) so realistically you have freedom to expand by completing each planet, leveling up weapons, warframes and earning affinity to rank up your MR (Mastery Rank) and get better.

Mastery is a thing that scales your true knowledge in game (and well, what you actually have access too). it is ranked up by earning affinity (this games xp) and when you just think your about to rank up you have... you said it... a rank up test, to some its easy, and to some depending on how far they have progressed in the game, it can get really challenging, each test has it difficulty, from eliminating enemies a certain way to using some tactics (just meaning some are just require your commons sense some require you to use advanced thinking). upon completion, your are granted the next rank up, if failed you wait 24hrs to retake it, but any affinity gained will be counted for your next rank. It is possible to get enough affinity to level the next day you log in after passing a test.

There you have it, a small beginners guide to the game, if you have any questions my ingame name is NJDevil2k12 and i can assist with your questions if need be, but for now..... farewell my Tenno the Void is Calling for my presence.
Lindersay 4 years ago
If you're interested in shooters, ninjas, jumping everywhere and lots of blades and cool weapons, you got to try Warframe !

As I'm writing this review, I might have something like 800 hours of game-time in 3 years. It is the kind of game you play furiously for two month, then stop for one and start again .. with the exact same spirit you had when you first played !

First of all, Warframe is a real free to play. Everything (despite some cosmetics) you find in the game, you can get it by just playing it. Weather from farming, or from trading with other players. You can even trade " Platinum ", the special currency (coming from real money) used to buy cosmetics, with other players.

It is mostly a PvE Game, there is a PvP mode but I didn't try it much, let's say the PvE content is wide enough. AI might not be the sharpest around the clock but the scaling level of enemies within time makes good challenges for well-equiped players.

The community is pretty nice, so far I've mostly met really kind people, helpful and with a hell lot of courtesy.

Otherwise nothing much to say. Nice graphics, nice gameplay, 4 people max per game and good synergy between frames ... just go for it guys :)

But careful, it's pretty addictive !
Ancient 4 years ago
My brother got me interested in this game many years ago. I walked into his room and saw him sneaking around as Volt, shocking people and stabbing them with his sword and I immediately asked, what are you playing? Since that day I have loved the game, although back in beta it was a little barebones in that there weren't THAT many warframes and the stealth factor wasn't really implemented properly (the enemies seemed to have some sort of hivemind, it was only possible to remain undetected if you stealth killed them with a power strike from behind so that there was no possible way they could see you before they died), the game really has come a long way. Now there's a fully immersive and comprehensive storyline, tons of weapons and warframes that give you countless different angles to approach your missions from and so many different missions to mess around with. Not only that, but you genuinely feel like a ninja now, since more parkour and better mobility has been added and there are even entirely different routes you can take if you step back, analyze the structure you are infiltrating and take a different, more obscure and discreet route such as the ventilation system or an underground chasm that leads into an unsealed sewage pipe. That's not to say stealth is the only option, if you prefer to simply rip and blast your way through your enemies to complete your objective, you can just as easily do that if you wish.

The graphics are great, from the blood spatters when you slice your opponent in half, to the particle effects both in the deep void of space (the stars and planets and such) and on the ships like the infected swarms/vegetation that seems to grow wherever their strongholds are, to the amazing lighting system they have. Even the community is great, the other players in the public chats are friendly for the most part, they are helpful, polite and don't immediately bite your head off if you ask a stupid question, they even offer to HELP YOU. Isn't it amazing? There are actual decent human beings on the internet.

Truly a great game and wonderful developers who genuinely understand how to make space ninjas fun!
kidopitz27 4 years ago
For a F2P game the graphics is on par with AAA games the fluidity of movements are awesome

There's a lot of modes for this game and it's even better with friends playing with you and in party the laughs we got playing this game is intense

Well this one is the hardest one to have every player just farm and don't talk at all except if they were your friends .

A Real F2P Game that never bother and harangue you to buy items using real world money because you can get them for free using in-game credits and much grinding.

Overall the best F2P game out there with constant updates.
Tom482O 4 years ago
Warframe has been one of the best Free to Play game since it has been released. Massive exploration is one key feature this game has to offer.

The Graphics keep getting better and better and Gameplay is flawless except people can be over-powered when you have the money to pay for in-game content and allot can be unlocked, but the game does not constantly dangle the option to pay in your face. The game lacks in a story which is the case for most MMOs.

With a great developer their are almost no bugs and been expanded from PC to Steam, Xbox and Playstation platforms.
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